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Anupama, 14th December 2020, Written Update: Anirudh creates trouble

Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Update begins with Leela asking to anu do you ready to job. Anu said yes because of family and aslso asking to leela please agree for my decision. At that time anu friend asking to her sister about job, Rakhi and Kinjal travel to some where. Nandini speaking to samar don’t create problem for anu aunty because she is already facing problem. After that samar informed to nandini rakhi aunty breaksdown kinjal and tosh relationship. Nandini said please stay with tosh, Samar said tosh best friend is dad.

Shah comes to his room and asking to kavya please prepared dal for me. Kavya said we are done same job at office please not this time & think herself if anu in my place she made curry for him and said to shah i will prepared kichidi for you. Shah hugs kavya, suddenly kavya ex-husband anirudh entered the house and seen kavya and shah. Tosh angry on anu and said to his mom because you and dad my relationship with kinjal is over. Samar said to tosh why you angry on mom, dad made a mistake because of that rakhi did all this.

Anirudh said to kavya finally seen my wife her boyfriend. Shah went to his room, Kavya asking to anirudh how dare you come to my house. Shah comes to anirudh asking him to leave the house. Anirudh said it’s my and kavya house. Also anirudh said when iam at Ahmedabad i am staying in this house so if you not interested stay here leave the house.

Shah angry on kavya because of you iam leave the my house and i am leave this house also. Kavya asking to shah don’t go to the anu house but shah leaves the kavya. Kavya think herself if shah went to anu house what i am doing. Shah sit in the car and think himself before entered the his home. Inside the home all the family members try to eat dinner. At that time shah comes to home and said jai sri krishna. Pakhi seen her dad and hugs him. Shah said iam speaking with tosh. Leela asking to her son please sit with us and eat something.

Shah said me and anu ready to speak with rakhi and her husband. Anu said to shah i will made roti for you, Samar said i will help to mom.

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