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Anupama 13 February 2021 Written Update Episode 186: Anupama takes a stand

Anupama 13 February 2021 Written Update begins with Anu, Shah, Principal met school management and principal introduced anu to arora, patel. After that patel asking to anu how is your hands. Anu said it’s fine after that patel said at Ahmedabad our school is top most school. Anu said that’s why my daughter studied in this school. After that arora said to anu because of you accident happens. Then anu said not because of you all this accident happens. At that time patel asking to shah we know you both are facing problems at home. Anu said yes that’s why i will concentrate on my job. After that school management asking to anu you think because of us this accident happens.

Anu said yes, School management asking to anu if you accept the mistake your job and you daughter admission is safe other wise you will face the problems. At that anu said i have a proof and given pen drive which consists accident incident proof. Then patel said to arora she waste of time. But arora seen the video and asking to anu do you have any other proof. Anu said no sir i don’t have and i know your trying to do this to save school name. Patel said to anu you think it’s not a meeting. Then anu said you think i feel fear but iam asking you one thing i.e if you remove my job ok no problem but do not remove my daughter admission.

At that shah feel sad for anu and school management think themselves what now do. At home leela said to hasmukh because of anu our grand daughter career in danger. Later at school students entered meeting room and said to arora, patel anu madam do not done a mistake. Anu asking to students please wait nothing happen to me. At that time arora asking to anu if you not sign how can you join your job, if you not sign on complaint paper how can i take action on school administration. Anu said thanks to arora. After that principal said thanks to anu, school students feels happy. After that anu return to home and samar, hasmukh, kinjal appreciate her

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