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Anupama 12 January 2021 Written Update: Shah changed, Anu helps her husband

Anupama 12 January 2021 Written Update for Star Plus Episode 158. When anu return from toshu room listen shah voice and went to shah room. When she comes to shah room he his fallen on the floor and feels pain. Then anu thrown plate and comes to her husband, asking to him are you all right. Also, anu asking to shah you could’ve called me if you wanted something and try to help him, At that shah seen anu caring ness. Also, anu asking to shah why did you get up, what if you get hurt. Later anu realized what happen with shah.

After that anu helps to shah and changed the clothes to injured hand and said to him it’ll hurt in the beginning and it will gradually be fine. At that time shah said i hope so that everything becomes fine gradually. Anu leaves the shah room and shah called her. To know previous episode story follow zeal study. Anupama 12 Jan 2021 Written Episode aired Disney Plus Hotstar before the tv. Premium subscribers of Disney Plus Hotstar check premier episodes.

Recap of Anupama Serial is When kavya speaks with shah anu brings the pakoda, given to family members. Rakhi asking to anu what happen if shah went to kavya room, Anu went to kitchen. Inside the shah room kavya please to shah and asking to him come with me i will taking care you. But shah says i couldn’t come now and i will think about it. Other end rakhi speaks with her daughter regarding the incidents which is happens at home but kinjal can’t listen her words. Later kavya come outside from shah room and rakhi asking to kavya do you eat pakoda. Kavya can’t listen rakhi words. After that anu prepared tea and given to shah and pakhi and kinjal, tosh.

Today Episode Highlights

Anu seen shah fallen on the floor and shouts tosh, pakhi. At that all the family members comes to shah room. Anu asking to toshu let’s check the dad’s injury. Toshu check his dad injury. Leela asking to anu let’s bring hot water. After that leela, kinjal again start the heat conversation. Anu cleans shah injury with hot water, Other end paritosh rebukes pakhi after she humiliates kinjal.

After that kinjal informed to family members i will also done job. Leela asking to anu along with you your daughter-in-law ready for job. Kavya reached the shah home, Hasmukh asking to shah today evening went for checkup. Shah said yes, Hasmukh asking to him how you can go. Shah said i will went through taxi, Kinjal says i will bring the car but shah says no. Later kavya wait outside the home along with bags and seen shah, anu. After that kavya shouts on shah

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