Anupama 11 January 2021 Written Update: Anu said to kavya i move on in my life

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Anupama 11 January 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 157. Today episode released on Disney Plus Hotstar before the tv for premium subscribers. Here it is the respective episode promo story that is Shah said to kavya once i am feel well i will think weather i want to come back to you or not. After that kavya shocked to listen vanraj decision. From out side anu brings home statue which is made with glass, other end kavya come walk to anu side and hits her.

At that time home statue fallen on the floor, kavya said sorry because your house broken. Also, kavya asking to anu will you fix it now?. Later anu said to kavya if i fix it now, it will still have the cracks, When we cannot crease waht was written in the past we should start writing a new story. Also, anu said to kavya i have moved on and now i won’t look back. Kavya think about herself when anu speaks with her. In prevuous episode anu stops when kinjal leaves the house because shah presence in the home. Also, kavya comes to vanraj house to met him and asking to him come with her. At that time shah said to kavya i cant come with you, Kavya informed to him i will take care of you. To know Anupama 11 January 2021 Written Episode story follow

Today episode i.e Rakhi Irritates Kinjal 


Rakhi speaks with anu family members about kavya. Anu said to rakhi don’t think so much, eat pakoda. Inside shah room he said to kavya i need time to think, At outside kinjal drink tea, rakhi comes to her. Leela angry on rakhi, Rakhi said to i can’t leave you with this situations and also rakhi informed to her daughter why you feel about shah. Kinjal said to her mom kavya comes to here to speaks with shah. Once again rakhi ittrtates kinjal said to her grow up. Kinal asking to her mom why speak cheap words in front of me and i know anu aunty can’t execuese kavya. Rakhi said kavya one you realised your mom is right or anu is right.

Kavya said to shah in this room anu seen us and in this room now we are separated, for me you leave the family and now for family you leave me but you can’t think about me and you just think about yourself. Also, kavya said what you have to done i can’t stop met you and i waiting for you so much. When kavya come outside the shah room rakhi asking to kavya let’s eat pakoda. At outside anu holds the gift that is house statue, Kavya come outside and hits anu. At that that time houst statue fallen on the fllor, Kavya said sorry. Later kavya asking to shah come with me or not. Anu said it’s his decision.

Pakhi brings bananas shake to shah, Shah said thank you. Shah asking to pakhi why you can’t angry on me. Pakhi said i can’t do that and anu listen shah, pakhi conversation and smiles. Other end leela comes to shah room and seen pakhi, shah conversations and shah seen them. Later said to anu i think shah can’t move from here to kavya. Pakhi listen leela words. Anu think about leela words and shah words

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