Anupama 10 May 2022 Written Update: Anuj warns shah

Anupama 10 May 2022 Written Update For StarPlus Hindi Serial Episode 573 Spoiler is Anupama starts praying for god and said i can’t fold my hands properly, my prayers are sincere and ask for god anuj must return home safety. On the other hand Shah said i don’t want what belongs to you. Anuj says but i cannot let anymore.

After that anuj says “even think about harming what belongs to me. Then shah reply “what if i do it?, Anuj says i became anupama husband, i will be you children’s father too. Shah gets angry, anupama gets tensed and think about anuj. To know what happened in today’s episode stay tuned with the zeal study online web portal

In the previous episode of Anupama when a furious vanraj takes anuj away from the venue, Anupama gets worried. Meanwhile, during the mehindi ceremony, rakhi gets hasmukh’s medical reports when she sit on leela swinger. Before that vanraj suddenly stops the car in the middle of the forest. Anuj asked the shah to speak with him. Anupama serial one of the popular TV Serial, gets nice TRP ratings.

Today Anupama Episode (Updating)

Rakhi keeps the clinical report of Hasmuk to the side reasoning what more she can get at nursing home. Anupama going to see the report. Devika hinders and illuminates Shahs that Anuj informed her about his gathering with Vanraj. She told Anuj and Vanraj went to just talk. There, Vanraj sympathizes with his aggravation with Anuj. He says he isn’t impacted with Anupama’s relationship with him yet he can’t tolerate losing his kids to him.

Vanraj tells Anuj that he was envious seeing his kids getting ready for his gladly received, adds he can be a mentor to them yet can’t supplant him in his youngsters life. Vanraj tells Anuj that he can’t bear to lose his kids. He inquires as to whether he won’t attempt to have his spot in his kids life. Anupama implores God to nothing happens to anuj. She requests that God deal with Anuj as she have no faith in Vanraj. Anuj answers to Vanraj that he can be a companion or manual for Samar, Partiosh and Pakhi however he can’t be their dad. He adds he will not be his kids father however Anupama will continuously be their mom.

Anuj alarms Vanraj never under any circumstance remembered to isolate Anupama from her kids. Vanraj inquires as to whether he does likewise. Anuj says than he will fail to remember his guarantee to him and will wind up becoming Samar, Pakhi and Paritosh’s dad. Vanraj stands mum. Anuj and Vanraj returns. Anupama asks the matter. Anuj tells to Shah’s that Vanraj simply needed to share a discussion about his youngsters, which is fine.

Anupama inquires as to whether all is great. Anuj expresses gratitude toward Anupama for giving him family as he felt great seeing everybody was strained for him. He add he want to have given relations to her as well. Anupama says she is certain if any, he might have given her. Anuj tells about his uncle and aunt. Anupama requests that he call them. Anuj says they aren’t in touch any longer.