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Anupama 10 February 2021 Written Update Star Plus Hindi Serial Episode 183

Anupama 10 February 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 183. Today episode promo begins with anu come out from her room when school head reached her home. Once anu come out from her room said to her madam don’t spare the guilty and don’t leave who done mistake at school because of they across the class room fire spread. Also anu said to school head iam sure you would know their names. Then school head says anupama vanraj shah.

Once listen her name anu getting shocked. Also school head asking to anu if you wish to keep your job and your daughter’s admission safe then you must take the whole blame for this upon yourself. Once listen school head condition anu, shah both are shocked and think themselves why she said like this. After that school head asking to anu you should given in writing that you’re responsible for that accident and not the school administration. To know Anupama 10th February 2021 Episode 183 release on Disney Plus Hotstar on 6.00 AM for VIP Subscribers.

In previous episode anupama struck inside the color room when fire surrounded the class room. At that time anu helps to students and sent out them. Later anu try to come out from the class room suddenly fallen on the floor because of heavy smoke she can’t breath and gets unconscious. Sweety seens her mom condition at class room informed to her dad and brother samar. Few minutes later samar, shah reached the school and try to help anu but can’t happen because huge fire.

Few minutes later anu gets conscious, pray to the god and cover the cloth and walk from the class room when fires spread the class room and finally out from the room. At kinjal office she and kavya know about anu when they watch news. Then kinjal asking to kaya conduct the team meeting. Kavya said k and asking to kinjal please inform me about anu condition. Kinjal says ok, Later toshu, sweety, samar along with shah stand with anu when she gets conscious. Shah asking to anu are you alright, Anu says yes.

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