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Amazon Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quiz Answers 12th November 2020


Amazon Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Quiz Answers 12th November 2020 begins from today 8.00 AM and ends on 12.00 PM today. Today answers Shane Watson, Seychelles, Anti-Tank also, gondola. For more quiz contest updates follow

In todays quiz asking related to Australian cricket retirement, Indian Origin President and Chandipur Test Range, Merchant of Venice and also, electrical engineer. So check all the 5 questions and it’s answers won the today’s prize.

1st Question is Which former Australia test captain recently announced his retirement from all formats of cricket.

  • Steve Smith
  • Shane Watson
  • Michael Clarke
  • Tim Paine

Correct Answer is Shane Watson. After complete IPL 2020 CSK Matches Shane Watson made an announcement regarding his retirement.

2nd Question is Indian Origin Wavel Ramkalawan has recently become the president of which country

  • Maldives
  • Seychelles (Correct Answer)
  • Fiji
  • Mauritius

3rd Question is On 19th October 2020, SANT was test fired by the DRDO at Chandipur test range. What kind of missile is SANT?

  • Anti-Tank (Correct Answer)
  • Air-Air
  • Anti-Ship
  • Air-Surface

4th Question is Also mentioned by Shakespeare in the merchant of Venice, what are these boats called in Venice which are a major tourist attraction?

  • Whistler
  • Gondola (Correct Answer)
  • Swayer
  • Lifter

5th Question is Which famous electrical engineer is know to have fallen in love with such a bird?

  • Isaac Newton
  • Albert Einstein
  • Nikola Tesla (Correct Answer)

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