Amazon Quiz 8 September 2021 Answers: Choose correct answers for all 5 questions

Amazon Quiz 8 September 2021 Answers For All 5 Questions. First question is In July 2021, the world’s first 3d-printed steel bridge was opened to the public in which city. Options is Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, London. Answer 1st question is ” Amsterdam. Second Question is The Olympic motto was amended in 2021 by adding what English word to the old motto. Option is Better, Nurture, Future, Together.

Answer for 2nd question is ” Together”. 3rd Question isThe US Air Force Released An Artistic rendering of it new B-21 Stealth Bomber, Known by which nickname?. Options is blackbird, Aardvark, Raider, Enigma. Answer for 3rd question is ” Raider”. 4th Question is Complete the tagline for this place” The_Place on earth. Options is Loudest, Largest, Happiest, Most Colourful.

Answer for fourth question is happiest. 5th Question is When this fountain is open roughly_is thrown into it every day. Fill in the blanks. Option is 5000 euros, 4000 euros, 3000 euros, 2000 euros. Answer is 3000 Euros. Answer for fifth question is 3000 euros.

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