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Amazon Faburaa Grande Hammock Swing Quiz 3rd December 2020 Answers

Amazon Faburaa Grande Hammock Swing Quiz 3rd December 2020 Answers. First question of today is the wildlife institute of india, along with the Gujarat forest department is going to relocate which animal in different parts of India. Also, second The Head of State of Which Country Was the host of the 2020 BRICS Summit, conduct virtually?.

3rd Question is What are Param Siddhi and Mihir From India, that feature in a global list of top 500 of their kind?. 4th Question is this food item is popularly called what?. Also, 5th question is This Phenonmenon is seen in the southern hemisphere. What is it  called.

Also here it is the all the questions options. 1st Question Option is Asiatic Lion, Gaur, Nilgai, Clouded Leopard. 2nd Question is India, China, Russia, South Africa. 3rd Question Options Tanks, Supercomputers, Space Shuttles, Navy Vessels. 4th Question Option is English Fingers, Chinese Cutlets, French Fries, Bombay Cubes. 5th Question Option is Aurora Borealis, Aurora Astralis, Mirage, Alexander’s Band.


  1. Asiatic Lion
  2. Russia
  3. Super Computers
  4. French Fries
  5. Aurora Australis

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