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Amazon 13 November 2020 Quiz: Answers is Nepal, Nazca Lines, Godavari


Amazon 13 November 2020 Quiz Answers for today questions i.e Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane has recently beem awarded the honorary rank of general by which country?, Which site, home to 2000-year-ld designs on the ground-known as geoglyphs, was first discovered by a peruvian aerial surveyor in 1927.

Also, another question is Currently the world’s largest multiple stage lift irrigation project, the kaleshwaram life irrigation project is a project on which river. Also, Which dynasty Built this wall around the border of china in the ancient days?. 5th Question is Also, last question is who among these has not won a gold medal at the Olympics in this sport in singles?.


Options for 1st question is Bhutan, Nepal (Correct Answer), Sri Lanka, Maldives. Second question option is Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines (Correct Answers), Pukara De Quitor, . 3rd Question options is Narmada, Ganga, Mahandi, Godavari (Correct Answer).

Also, 4th Question Option is Ming Dynasty (Correct Answer), Wang Dynasty, Chang Dynasty, Xiao Dynasty. 5th Question options Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer (Correct Answer), Andre Agassi. For more quiz updates follow


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