7th March 2020 Tech News: Facebook Ban Ads selling face masks

World top social media platforms Facebook & Instagram from Saturday (March 7th, 2020) on words ban ads selling face masks. Due to covid-19 effect these two company take a decision to ban misleading ads on coronavirus. So today on words not display medical face masks ads on these two platforms. According to the latest update nearly coronavirus hits 1,00,000 world wide.

2x Startup Founder Rob Leathern tweet about Facebook ban face mask selling ads.

Also head of Instagram Adam Mosseri update the info regarding ban misleading covid-19 ads on Instagram

7th March 2020 Tech News

Apple Technology Company ask employees at California campus for work from home due to new form of coronavirus. At United States covid-19 spread very fast. Also twitter shutdown seattle office for cleaning after an employee identified covid-19 symptoms.

Readmi Note 9 & 9 Pro: Ahead of launch event both Readmi 9 & 9 pro specifications, colors out. Readmi Note 9 & 9 Pro available Aurora Blue, Glacier White and interstellar black. Across India both these phone launch on March 12, 2020.

Google India: On Friday Google India introduced DigiPivot. Digi Pivot specially made for women who are looking for corporate career after small gap.

Program Structure of Digipivot: It’s totally 18 week program. Week 1 (Keynote address, digital marketing economy, strategies, Driving professional and personnel change, Effective leveraging, networks and mentors for career success). Week 2-17 (online learning & mentor ship) Week 18 (Graduation event at google, hyderabad)