55/3/1 Physics Answer Key; CBSE Class 12th Physics Term 2 Exam Analysis

55/3/1 Physics Answer Key, 55/4/2, 55/4/1, 55/3/3 Answer Key available only official portal. CBSE Class 12th Physics Term 2 Exam 2022 analysis for students. CBSE successfully today the examination for all the students who enrolled. Soon publish marks card on the official website cbse.gov.in. To get the regular updates regarding the term 2 examinations please be with CBSE authorized portal only.

Here are the questions asked in today’s exams. What is meant by the doping of an intrinsic semiconductor? Name the two types of atoms used for doping of Ge/Si. Another question is 2 (a) (i) is Distinguished between isotopes and isobars. (ii) Two nuclei have different mass numbers A2 and A2. Are these nuclei necessarily the isotopes of the same element? Explain.

What is meant by the energy band gap in a solid? Draw the energy band diagrams for a conductor, an insulator and a semiconductor. Another question is to name the spectral series for a hydrogen atom which lies in the visible region. Find the ratio of maximum to the minimum wavelengths of this series. For more details about answer key visible official site.