430/1/4 Answer Key: Check CBSE Maths Basic Class 10 Answer Key & Questions

430/1/4 Answer Key available only at official website. So looking for CBSE Basic Maths Class 10 Answer Key required to visit official website. Here it is the questions for Question Paper Code 430/1/4 i.e The number of quadratic polynomials having zeros-2 and 5 is: a).1, b).2, c).3, d).5. Another question is If XY=180 and HCF (x,y)=3, Then L.C.M (X,Y) is (a) 177, b).183, c).60, d).63. The pair of equations y=0 and y=-7 has options is a). one solution b). two solutions, c), no solutions d). infinity many solutions.

Another Question is One equation of a pair of dependent linear equations is -5x+7y=2. The second equation can be. Options is a).10x+14y+4=0, b).-10x-14y+4=0, c).-15x+21y+6=0, d).10x-14y=-4. The distance between the points A(0,6) and B(0,-2) is. Options is a). 6 units, b). 8 units, c).4 units, d). 2 units. To know how to download Basic Maths Class 10 Answer Key visit official website.