31/2/3 Science Answer Key 2022, Exam Analysis, Difficulty Level of exam info

31/2/3 Science Answer Key, 31/1/3, 31/2/2, 31/2/3, 31/3/2, 31/3/3, 31/4/2, 31/4/3, 31/41 Paper Code examination analysis, difficulty level provided here. Central Board Of Secondary Education Class 10th Term 2 Science Exam Question Paper complete explanation given by learn and fun- class 9& 10 YouTube Channel.

CBSE Class 10th Term 2 Science Question which is asked at exam is Which of the following flowers will have a higher possibility of self-pollination ? Mustard, Papaya, Watermelon, Hibiscus. (b) List the two reproductive parts of a bisexual flower. (c) Name the process shown below and define it. Name the types of cell present in the organisms which exhibit this process.

Another question is The molecular formulae of two alkynes A and B are CxH2 and C3Hy respectively. Option (a) is Find the values of X and Y, (b) Write the names of A and B. Complete examination analysis provided here below.