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26 October 2020 Choghadiya: Check today day, night prediction in English

26 October 2020 Choghadiya for day and night. Check today auspicious and inauspicious starting and ending times along with horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs prediction. Initially scheck day choghadiya times (start and end time). Amrut start time is 06.38 am, end time is 08.05 am (auspicious). Kal start time is 08.05 am, end time is 09.31 am (inauspicious).

Shubh start time is 09:31 am and time is 10:58 am (Auspicious). Rog start time 10:58 am and end time is 12:24 pm Inauspicious. Udveg (उद्वेग) start time is 12:24 pm and end time is 13:51 pm Inauspicious. Chal (चल) start time is 13:51 pm and end time is 15:17 pm Average. Labh (लाभ) start time is 15:17 pm and end time is 16:44 pm Auspicious. Amrut (अमृत) start time is 16:44 pm and end time is 18:10 pm Auspicious (शुभ).

26 October 2020 Choghadiya

Chal start time is 18:10 pm and end time 19:44 pm Average. Rog start time is 19:44 pm, End time is 21:18 pm (Inauspicious). Kal start time is 21:18 pm, End time is 22:52 pm Inauspicious

Labh (लाभ) 22:52 pm (Start Time), 00:22 am Auspicious (End Time)
Udveg (Star Time) 00:22 am, 01:56 am Inauspicious (End Time)
Shubh (Star Time) 01:56 am, 03:30 am Auspicious (End Time)
Amrut (Star Time) 03:30 am, 05:04 am Auspicious (End Time)
Chal (Star Time) 05:04 am, 06:38 am Average (End Time)

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