20th March 2020 Ke Mukhya Samachar on MP Floor Test, Covid-19 & other.

20th March 2020 Ke Mukhya Samachar: Before the Madhya Pradesh Floor Test speaker N P Prajapati accepted the 16 congress MLA resignations. The Supreme Court order the floor test must be concluded today 5.00 PM. Also, bench ordered recorded and live streaming the floor test from the Assembly when the process begins by Kamal Nath.

Covid-19 20th March Updates: In india covid-19 death count is 4. Total number of active covid-19 cases across the India is 171 & Total number of discharged/ cured conronvirus cases across India is 19. As per the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare India official website updates At Maharashtra state recognized highest number of cases i.e 44. Second most cases registered at Kerala is 26.

As on 20th March 2020 at 9.00 AM total number of passengers screened at airport is 14, 31,734, number of migrated covid-19 patient is 1

Complete updates on Covid-19/ coronvirus daily info Indian citizens follow mohfw.gov.in, Helpline number for corona-virus is +91-11-23978046 toll free number is 1075.

20th March 2020 Ke Mukhya Samachar

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hits nepal, India, Bhutan and China. As per the UGGS (United States Geological Survey) Agency. science for a changing world report Magnitude 5.7 quake occurred 20th March 2020 01:33:15 (UTC), 10 KM depth

PM Modi Address Nation 19th March 2020 Updates

On 19th March 2020 Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi address Nationa on Covid-19. Due to covid-19 PM Narendra Modi request to the people of India for Janata Curfew at 5.00 PM on 22nd March 2020, Given advise to the people i.e Stay at home and do not step out it is absolutely essential.

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