10th Science Half Yearly Exam Important Questions 2, 4, 7, 5 Marks English/ Tamil

10th Science Half Yearly Exam Important Questions for 2, 4, 7, 5 marks. S.S.L.C Half Yearly written examination held on 20th December 2019. Students from Tamil Nadu looking for important questions of 10th Science Half Yearly Examination check now.

10th Science Half Yearly Exam Important Questions 

Law Of Motion 

Define Inertia And Types- 2 marks

Classify The Types Of Force Based On Their Applications- 2 Marks

Define Moment Of A Couple – 2 Marks

State Newton’s Second Law- 2 Marks

Differentiate Mass And Weight- 2 Marks

What are the types of inertia Give An Example For Each Type – 5 Marks

State The Newtons Law Of Motion- 5 Marks


What Is The Refractive Index- 2 Marks

Snell’s Law- 2 Marks

Dispersion Of Light- 2 Marks

State Rayleigh’s Law Of Scattering- 2 Marks

Differentiate: Convex And Concave Lens- 2 Marks

What are the causes of myopia- 2 Marks

Why Does The Sky Appear In Blue Color- 2 Marks

List Any Properties Of Light- 5 Marks

Explain The Rules For Obtaining The Images Formed By A Convex Lens With The Help Of Ray Diagram- 5 Marks

Differentiate: Myopia And Hypermetropia Explain- 5 Marks

Explain The Construction And Working Of A Compound Microscope- 5 Marks

10th Chemistry Half Yearly Important Question Papers       

Define Relative Atomic Mass- 2 Marks

Write The Different Types Of Isotopes Of Oxygen And Its Percentage Abundance- 2 Marks

What is the molar volume of a gass- 2 marks

What is the mass in one mole of nitrogen atoms and one mole of sodium sulphate- 2 marks

State The Avogadro Law- 2 Marks

Give the salient features of modern atomic theory- 5 Marks

Derive the relationship between relative molecular mass and vapor density- 5 Marks

Differentiate Between Atoms And Molecules- 5 Marks

Periodic Classification Of Elements 

What is the rust ? Give The Equation For Formation Of The Rust- 2 Marks

State 2 Condition Necessary For Rusting Of Iron- 2 Marks

Define Alloys- 2 Marks

Define Metallurgy- 2 Marks

State the reason for addition of caustic alkali to bauxite ore during the purification of bauxite- 5 Marks

Explain Smelting Process- 5 Marks

Explain the chemical properties of iron- 5 Marks

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