10th PTA Model Question Paper 2020 For Mathematics, Science, Social

10th PTA Model Question Paper 2020: PTA Model Question For 10th Mathematics, Science, Social, English, Tamil Subjects check, Prepared for SSLC Examinations conducted by DGE Tamil Nadu. 10th Parents Teacher Association Model Question Papers 2019-2020 English Medium, Tamil Medium download. Also, verify SSLC Annual Examination Question Papers, Follow www.zealstudy.in for lesson plans, tn text books.

SSLC Examination Pattern

  • Examination duration is 3 hours + 15 mintutes
  • Total marks = 100 Marks
  • Part 1 consists 14 questions. Each question carry 1 mark
  • Part 2 consists 20 marks
  • Also, Part 3 consists 50 marks
  • Part 4 consists 8 marks, Part 5 consists 8 marks.

For more details about 10th Annual Examination Pattern, Annual Exam Time Tables visit DGE TN Official Website.

10th PTA Model Question Paper 2019-2020

Q). How cranky he was

a).Normal b). strange c). abnormal d). happy

Q). His parents circled around raising a proud cackle

a). sharp noise b). blunt noise c). high pitch d). shout

Q). Trying to revive old childhood memories may prove disappointing

a). review b). revitalize c). restore d). rescue

Q). We look forward to a more inclusive way of learning, instead of the cloistered existence

a). enclosed b). detached c). opened d). united

Q). Nothing he said gruffly

a). happily b). roughly c). sadly d). plainly

Q). Boost the morale in the country

a). fear b). attitude c). mettle d). confidence

Q). Choose the correct plural form of lorry from the following

a). Lorrys b). lorry c). Lories d). lorries

Q). Form a derivative by adding the right suffix to the word fashion

a). Iy b). able c). ty d). tion

Q). Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation MRI

a). Magnified Reasoning Imaging b). Magnified Reasoning Imagery c). Magnetic Reasoning Imaging d). Magnetic Resonance Imagery

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