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091 Answer Key: CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 1 Answer Key 2021 Analysis

Paper Code 091/2/4 Answer Key or 091 Answer Key release by CBSE soon. Central Board Of Secondary Education conducted today Computer Science Term 1 Examination for class 12th students. Students who are appeared the examination and looking for solutions here below provided examination analysis.

Here it is the first question that is asked in today examination i.e Find the invalid identifier from the following. Option 1). name, b). class c). section d). break. Second question is Which of the following is a function/ method of the pickle module?. Option a). reader ( ), b). Writer ( ), c). Load ( ), d). Read ( ).

Question 3 is For a given declaration in Python as S= WELCOME which of the following will be correct outputĀ  of print (S [1: :2]. Option a). WEL, b). COME c). WLOE d). ECM. Question 5 is Which of the following option is the correct python statement to read and display the first 10 characters of a text file ” Note.txt?