069/2/4 Answer Key: CBSE 12th Class Term 1 Home Science Answer Key SET 4 Analysis

069/2/4 Answer Key Home Science Analysis: CBSE 12th Class Term 1 Home Science Answer Key Set 4 2021-2022 release soon by officials at official website. Students here it is the first question i.e which act of india made it mandatory to have creche in a work place. Option a). Plantation Labour Act 1951, b). Employee State Insurance Act, c). Factors Act of 1948, d). Mines Act of 1952.

Second question is Shamu has stones in his kidney. You will give him___diet. Option a). Rich in Oxalates b). Rich in Proteins c). Low in Vitamins d). Low in Proteins. Question 4 is Which nutrient would you include in the meals of children to prevent goitre.

Question 5 is Which one of the following is Not a cause of Hudden Hunger?. Lack of option a). Protein, b). Iron c). Zine d). Iodine. Question 6 is To combat nutritional deficiency, Which is not a food based strategy. To know complete paper analysis check below.