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063/2/4 Answer Key: Check CBSE Class 12th Term 1 Psychology Exam Analysis 2021

063/2/4 Answer Key PDF download from CBSE official website. Check CBSE class 12th term 1 Psychology Exam Analysis 2021, stay tune with official website of Central Board Of Secondary Education to get live updates on results, date sheets, admit card. Here below provided few questions which is asking today’s examinations.

Question 16 is Negative events are appraised for their possible?. Option a). Harm, Threat or Commitment, b). Harm, Thought or Controllability c). Hurt, Threat, Damage or Challenge, d). Harm, Threat or Challenge. Question 17 is Results from the blocking of needs and motive by something or someone that hinders us from achieving the desired goal.

Options of 17th question is a). Conflict, b). Internal Pressure, c). Social Pressure, d). Frustration. Question number 18 is The state of physical, emotional and psychology exhaustion is known as. Option a). Burnout, b). Breakout c). Resistance d). Rustout. To know complete exam analysis stay tune with CBSE official portal.