058/1/4 Answer Key: Check CBSE Class 12th Economics Exam Analysis

058/1/4 Answer Key, 058/3/4 Answer Key Live Updates: Here it is the first question that is which of the following is not a function of the Reserve Bank of India?. a). Issue of currency b). Banker to the public c). Banker to government, d). Controller of money supply. Second question is Trade surplus to option is a). Export of goods and services > Import of goods and services. c). Export of invisible items> Import of invisible items. d). Export of visible items> Import of visible items.

Question 5 is Exports of Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in India has led to_ option a). Inflow Of Indian Currency, b).Outflow of foreign currency c). Inflow of foreign currency and employment generation d). Outflow of foreign currency and employment generation. Question 10 is Investments on skills, expertise and knowledge of people in a nation is refereed to as. Option is a). Physical Capital b). Financial Capital c). Human Capital Formation d). Working Capital.

Question 11 is Identify which of the following is not a cause of poverty in India. Option a). Increase in capital formation b). High Level of Indebtedness d). Rapid growth of Population. To know complete details about respective exam check complete analysis here below.