057/2/4 Answer Key: CBSE Class 12th Biology Term 1 Exam Analysis/ Solutions

057/2/4 Answer Key PDF, 057/3/4 Answer Key: Central Board Of Secondary Education Class 12th Biology Term 1 Exam happens today across the India. First Question from respective paper code is The Hilum in a typical angiospermic ovule represents the junction between. Option a). Integuments and the embryo sac b). Embryo Sac and the Nucellus c). Body of the Ovule and the funicle d). Nucellus and the funicle.

Third question is The term used for embryo entering into the state of inactivity as the seed mature is. Option a). Quiescent b). Parthenogenesis c). Parthenocarpy d). Doremancy. Fourth Question is The Ploidy of the apomictic embryo developed from the integument cells and megaspore mother cell without reduction division respectively will be

Question 8th is During Human Embryonic Development The External Genital Organs are Well Developed In The Foetus By The End Of. Option a). 6 weeks of pregnancy b). 12 Weeks of Pregnancy c). 18 Weeks of Pregnancy d). 24 weeks of pregnancy.