056/1/4 Answer Key: Chemistry Question Paper Analysis For Class 12th Term 1 Exam

056/1/4 Answer Key For Set 4 publish by Central Board of Secondary Education at official website. Here it is first question is Which one of the following pairs will not form an ideal solution. Options for this question is a). Benzene and Toluene, b). n-Hexane and n-Heptane, c). Ethanol and Acetone d). Bromoethane and Chlorethane.

2nd Question is when NaCl is doped with SrCl2, there will be a formation of. Option a). Anion Vacancies, b). Cation Vacancies c). Both cation and anion vacancies d). F-Centre. 4th question is The C-O-C bond angle in the ether molecule is. 6th question is Nucleotide are composed of a. 7th question is The oxidation state of -3 is least stable i.

8th Question is Amorphous solids may also be classified as. Option a). Super cooled solids b). Super heated liquids, c). Super cooled liquids, d). Super heated solids. To know CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Set 4 Answer Key check below complete analysis.